Fraud and Security

Fraud and Security

Fight fraud. Strengthen cardholder data security.

Let's face it: fraud happens. What can you do to fight it? Start by detecting fraud at the time of authorization to help prevent downstream losses. Take it a step further by identifying issuer-confirmed fraudulent transactions before they become chargebacks. And don't forget to put your customers' card information in the Vault.

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Fraud Toolkit

Fraud Toolkit

Detect Fraud at the Time of Authorization

Detecting fraud at the time of authorization can help prevent downstream costs and losses. Smart systems combine a variety of tools and techniques to identify risky transactions, such as those inconsistent with typical buying behavior for a specific product or originating from buyers with suspect prior history. Our Fraud Toolkit offers a powerful set of tools that can adapt to existing and emerging fraudster attack vectors:

  • Basic fraud tools including rules engines and filters
  • Advanced fraud tools, powered by ThreatMetrixTM, including fraud scoring based on device, IP address, location, and reputation
Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service

Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service

Predict and Prevent Fraud-Related Chargebacks

Our data shows that fraud-related chargebacks account for approximately two-thirds of total chargebacks, making tools for predicting and preventing fraud-related chargebacks essential.

Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service (FCPS) compiles daily alerts from issuing banks on confirmed fraudulent transactions. By proactively refunding legitimate cardholders for these transactions, you may preclude the chargebacks from being issued. FCPS delivers daily alerts if you prefer to submit refunds yourself or you can opt to have us automatically issue refunds on your behalf.

Vault + PayPage

Our tokenization solutions, Vault and PayPage, can minimize the presence of card numbers in your systems, in transit among systems, and in use by your employees.

Vault replaces primary account numbers (PANs) with tokens: benign, untranslatable numerical reference strings that are useless outside of transactions between you and Litle. Vault tokens are format-preserved, meaning they contain the same number of digits as the card they are replacing and retain the same last four digits of the card.

PayPage extends the protection, and PCI scope reduction, to your customers’ browsers by converting PANs to tokens even before they enter your systems.

Solution Shorts: Unlocking Tokenization with Vault and PayPage

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